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Weekly Delivery

We serve a network of customers throughout Western Greece, with weekly delivery, machine services, promotional material, advice and training in the preparation of coffee (barista) and whatever else a store needs on a case by case basis.

Coffee Machines

As part of our partnership, our customers have the opportunity to acquire in their workplace, the professional coffee machine that suits their needs, while meeting their multiple requirements..


We provide free service to our partners along with the coffee machine. Our experienced and friendly staff is able to support and direct for any technical damage. We are confident in the excellent level of services we provide and we guarantee our work!

Prints-Supplies of advertising material

We print your own logo on nuts and cookies.
For our partners …………
With the shopping of the tea series the menus gifts, cups and case!
With the purchase of chocolate gift jars and menus!
With the juices Fruit, the jars-glasses and the menus are a gift!
Many other offers and gifts !!

Tips and Training (Barista)

We undertake the training of your staff at the beginning of our cooperation.
With our valuable tips in the preparation of coffee you will see that by changing small parameters you achieve big changes in the taste result.